How to clean the glass in the shower room? I 'll teach you five moves to remove the stain.


Many toilets that include toilet and shower functions will choose to divide the two areas with a glass shower, although the glass material will look more transparent and make the entire space look more designed.

But as time goes by, people will find that the glass shower in the bathroom can easily accumulate stains. If it is not cleaned in time, it can easily become stubborn material, and it will be difficult to clean it again. So today small editor brought 5 small trick to help you easily clear the stain, let's see!
Method 1:

You can pour some shampoo into the basin and wait until the shampoo liquid and water are fully dissolved. Then use a cloth dip to wipe the shower glass. Because the shampoo is relatively clean, wiping the glass door directly can make it return to clean and bright. state.
Method 2:
Apply wet plaster to the dirt on the glass door. After drying, you can wipe it directly with a dry cloth. Basically, you can remove the stain.
Method 3:

If the corner of the glass door is not cleaned in time, it is easy to accumulate some dirt that is difficult to remove. At this point, we can use the ratio of vinegar to half, then pour it into the fountain, spray it to the place where it needs to be cleaned, and then clean it with used newspapers or kitchen paper.
Method 4:
If you want to clean the entire shower room, you can spray the entire glass door with detergent first, then paste the kitchen paper, and leave it for about 5 minutes. You can soften the stubborn water stain on the glass door and wipe it easily. Clean.

Method 5:
If there is stubborn dirt on the bathroom glass door that is difficult to clear, you can also clean it with soaked tea. After soaking the tea, you can clean it with a rag.
If there is no excess cloth can also be wiped with soft cloth and gauze, it is recommended not to use a product with a harder material, which is likely to reduce the brightness of the glass door.
Above is the whole knowledge shared today by small editor, if you are distressed shower room cleaning, may as well try these 5 methods!