Chinese Glass Artist Debut 2019 American Glass Art Association Annual Meeting


The American Glass Arts Association is a non-profit international organization established in 1971. Its purpose is to encourage excellence, promote the education of glass art, promote the appreciation and development of glass art, and support the development and cooperation of glass art. World artist group. The 2019 annual meeting was held in St. Petersburg, USA from March 28 to 30, 2019(St. Peterburg) was held. The theme of the meeting was to explore St. Petersburg in glass vision(St. New energy on the shores of Peterburg and Florida Bay. From Sarasota to Tampa, it provides a new perspective on the future direction of glass art. Sun-sand-sea-St. Petersburg! St. Petersburg is a young, vibrant art community and dynamic city. It is also a famous white beach.
It is a liveable city, moving from avant-garde entrepreneurs, artists and businesses. This is a town that loves glass art, Qihuli, Morean Arts Center and Hot Glass Studio, Dengkenmaikelailun Museum, Duncan McClellan Gallery and Hot Glass Studio, And Zen Glass Studio, both within 2 miles.

The contents of the conference include the opening ceremony, collector's trips, lectures and seminars, technical exhibitions, educational resource centers, research on works, gallery exchanges, and closing party. At the opening ceremony, the General Assembly first paid tribute to Ginny ruffner and Robert Mickelsen for the Lifetime Art Achievement Award. Ginny Ruffner is a glass artist living in Seattle, Washington, born in 1952. She is famous for her lighting skills. She has held 88 solo exhibitions and hundreds of mass exhibitions so far. Her works are located in 55 museums and public space collections around the world. Among the public art installations in downtown Seattle are a 30-foot-high kinetic water scene and permanent installation of the Seattle museum of art, the Olympic sculpture park. Ginny Ruffner has lectured and taught many times in schools and universities around the world and as a resident artist. She shows a series of her own works through the PPT. Through her endless creativity and imagination, she infects everyone in the audience.

Author: Ginny Ruffner, a night view of Union Street in The Urban Garden, completed in 2011.

Author: Ginny Ruffner, work name: Painting is a language of art(Drawing is the language of art), Lamp and Mixed Media, 2008.
Also at the opening ceremony was Yann Weymouth, who graduated from Harvard University. Yann Weymouth is an architect in St. Petersburg, Florida, and a designer at The Salvador Dali Museum. His speech discussed the application of glass in public art space and the promotion of environmental levels.

Author: Yann Weymouth, The Salvador Dali Museum
The technical display of this annual meeting is divided into: cold processing demonstration, hot glass demonstration, lighting demonstration.
In addition to foreign artists, Chinese artists also made a collective appearance at this event. Scholars Li Jing(Associate Professor of the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University), Yangmeihua(Associate Professor of Nanjing Academy of Arts), Guojianyong(Professor of Shandong Arts and Crafts), Wulingzhi(2014 graduate of the Ph.D. in Glass Arts of the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University), Zhaojinya(Master of Glass and Ceramic Arts, Royal Academy of Arts), Wangjiacheng(Master of Sculpture, Royal Academy of Arts), Shi Dian(Doctor of Glass Arts, University of Sandland, United Kingdom), and other scholars attended the meeting.

Among them, Li Jing(Associate Professor of the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University) presided over the seminar on the theme of jumping: the seminar on Jump Start: Contemporary Chinese Glass Art. Also participating in the discussion was William Warmus, a researcher at the Corning Glass Museum, and Jiyong Lee, a professor at the University of Southern Illinois. The discussion confirmed the rapid development of the current Chinese glass art, the improvement of the academic glass art teaching, the development of the communication mode, and the deepening of the creative innovation consciousness of the new-born artists. Professor Jiyong Lee also showed and witnessed to the audience the Tianyuan International Glass Art Festival planned by Zhangsuojia, a professor of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2015 who was impressed by himself. He was shocked by the artist's works and the current state of China's glass art jumping development.


Li Jing(Associate Professor, School of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University) presided over the seminar
Zhaojinya(Master of Arts in Ceramic and Glass Arts, Royal Academy of Arts) was selected for the StudentMemberExhibition Award and won the Honorable Initiative Award and a $1,000 scholarship nominated by the Glass Arts Association.

Author: Zhaojinya, work name: fog, blowing and cold processing
Shi Dian(Doctor of Glass Arts, University of Sandland, UK) participated in poster speeches and introduced recent doctoral research topics and was unanimously recognized by domestic and foreign artists.

Author: Time Code
With the improvement of China's overall national strength, it is hoped that it will also organize such an international conference to allow China's glass art to go to the world.