Performance of multilayer laminated glass

Multi-layer composite laminated glass is believed to have many friends who do not understand this kind of glass. The laminated glass is a kind of safe glass with thermal insulation properties, and the performance of multi-layer composite laminated glass is very good. So what are the properties of the multi-layer composite laminated glass? Let's take a look!
Multilayer composite laminated glass is a combination of hollow glass and laminated glass. This combination structure, which has been compared and tested by the Tsinghua University Construction Environmental Inspection Center, China's most authoritative acoustic testing agency, shows that multi-layer laminated glass is the best sound insulation. A combination structure, In actual installation and use, such as Jiatong Main Road, high roadsides, and large overpasses, the interior can reach a quiet level close to the basement. This kind of glass also has functions such as heat insulation, energy saving and consumption reduction, and anti-theft explosion. The glass has been successfully developed. And obtained the National patent, this kind of economical application, and easy to expand the production of soundproof noise reduction glass, is vigorously promoting and applying to the whole country.
The sound insulation effect of multi-layer laminated glass is 30-45 decibels, the market price is about 700-1200 square meters, the ordinary laminated glass sound insulation effect is between 25 and 38 decibels, and the market price is 650 to 1,000 square meters. The sound insulation effect of hollow glass is 8-10 decibels, and the market price is 130-200 square meters. This kind of glass is commonly used as soundproof glass in the market. It belongs to the second generation of glass, and the first generation of glass is a single piece of glass. The third generation of glass soundproofing effects of more than 25 decibels of glass, multi-layer hollow glass soundproof effect of 15-21 decibels. The market price is 80-120 square meters.
In order to save money, many consumers can add a layer of hollow glass windows to the back of the garden to reduce the sound to a low level. Obviously, after doing so, the indoor environment will be quiet, but this is actually a mistake. The measured result is that the noise is only reduced by about 5 decibels on the basis of the original first layer account. The soundproof limit of hollow glass is between 8-15 decibels. If it exceeds its soundproof limit, it is very difficult to go down again.
The above is about the performance of multi-layer composite laminated glass all the content, hope to help everyone!